Boldt Castle and Yacht House

Aubertine & Currier was retained by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority (TIBA) to provide topographic and bathymetric surveying and mapping, and engineering design services for the Wastewater Treatment Facilities Evaluation for Boldt Castle and the Yacht House located on the St. Lawrence River in Alexandria Bay, New York. Aubertine & Currier retained Thew Associates to perform bathymetric surveying and mapping to facilitate engineering design. The bathymetric survey area encompassed approximately 21 acres. Aubertine & Currier also required the characterization of the river bottom to determine areas of exposed bedrock and areas suitable for subaquatic vegetation growth, and the identification of submarine utilities within the survey area. Thew Associates collected side-scan sonar data simultaneously with the multi-beam bathymetry to facilitate river bottom characterization and submarine utility identification.

Location: Town of Alexandria, Jefferson County, New York

Client: Aubertine & Currier

Year: 2017


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