Little Falls Connector Project: Aerial LiDAR Data and Bathymetric Surveying

nARCHITECTS was retained by the New York Power Authority to provide architectural and engineering design services for the Little Falls Connector project located in Little Falls, New York. The project consisted of the development of a public park, a pedestrian bridge connection to the Empire State Trail, and a waterfront promenade as part of the Reimagine the New York State Canal System program.
Thew Associates provided topographic, bathymetric and boundary surveying and mapping of the project area as well as terrestrial laser scanning of Lock E-17 to capture the existing conditions required for architectural and engineering design.
Specifically, Thew Associates staff acquired low altitude aerial LiDAR data and colored digital aerial photography, utilizing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a Riegl miniVUX-1 LiDAR sensor with integrated RGB camera, for the topographic and planimetric mapping.  Conventional surveying techniques were utilized for the boundary retracement surveying and mapping of the property lines of the parcels and highways within the project area.
Finally, Thew Associates staff provided complete coverage bathymetric surveying and mapping for the proposed kayak launch and along the northerly edge of the Barge Canal extending easterly approximately 3,900 feet from New York State Route 167 to the upstream gate of Lock E-17.
The project showcased the depth of Thew Associates’ geospatial capabilities allowing the architect to obtain all of the required surveying and mapping services from one consultant.

Location: Little Falls, New York

Year: 2021


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