Thew Associates’ Terrestrial Laser Scanning Supports Canton Potsdam Hospital Regional Care Pavilion Project

Thew Associates, a leading surveying and engineering firm based in New York, was retained by Con-Tech Building Systems, Inc. to perform the foundation and structural layout and as-built for the construction of the Regional Care Pavilion (RCP) at the Canton Potsdam Hospital in Potsdam, New York. The RCP project was an ambitious endeavor that required expert surveying and engineering services to ensure its success.

Thew Associates provided a range of services to support the RCP project, including staking out the foundation footers, foundation anchor bolts and steel plates, and performing as-built surveying and mapping of the installed foundation anchor bolts and structural steel plates. Thew Associates’ surveying and engineering expertise helped Con-Tech Building Systems, Inc. to ensure that the RCP project was built to the highest standards of quality and safety.

In 2021, Thew Associates was also retained by Tisdel Associates to perform Topographic and QL-C Utility Surveying and mapping of the Canton Potsdam Hospital in preparation for the RCP project. Thew Associates utilized their terrestrial laser scanner and conventional surveying methods to collect the topographic and QL-C utility survey information. The surveying data collected by Thew Associates was used by Tisdel Associates to develop a comprehensive understanding of the site’s topography and utilities, which was critical to the success of the RCP project.

Thew Associates’ partnership with Con-Tech Building Systems, Inc. and Tisdel Associates demonstrates their expertise in providing a range of surveying and engineering services to support complex construction projects. Thew Associates’ dedication to delivering high-quality services helped to ensure the success of the RCP project, and they continue to support a wide range of construction and engineering projects across New York and beyond.

Location: Village of Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York

Client: Canton Potsdam Hospital

Year: 2021-2023

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