Remote Sensing Upgrades

As the calendar turns to April and we start to see signs of spring the flying season in the Northeast is officially kicking into full gear.

This past winter Thew Associates added the Phoenix Ranger ULTRA system to enhance the firm’s remote sensing capabilities. The Ranger ULTRA LiDAR system is 10 degrees forward, nadir, and 10 degrees rear looking with a field of view of 100 degrees and has the ability to collect 1.5 million data points per second. This allows us to fly larger sites with fewer flight lines while collecting denser and more accurate data. 

In addition to the LiDAR upgrades, we’re continuing to research new UAV platforms that will provide increased dependency and longer flight times. This led to our purchase of the SkyFront Perimeter 8 UAV. The Perimeter 8 is a hybrid gas-electric multi-rotor UAV with flight time capabilities in excess of one-hour with the LiDAR payload. The increased flight times will make larger more complex sites accessible for UAV LiDAR data collection.

If you’re interested in learning about how our remote sensing capabilities can augment your work, reach out to schedule an in-person or virtual lunch-and-learn.

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