Due in large part to aggressive renewable energy goals and the push for decarbonization, the renewable energy industry is booming in the United States. Over the past few years Thew Associates has served as the land surveying consultant for numerous community and utility scale solar development projects throughout the United States. As with most land development projects, topographic, utility, and boundary retracement surveying and mapping are essential components for the development of a renewable energy project.


Thew Associates has developed a guide intended to serve as a “Best Practices” to assist Renewable Energy Developers when procuring professional surveying and mapping services for their projects. 

Our Services

ALTA/ NSPS Land Title Surveying & Mapping

The foundation for a successful renewable energy project is an accurate boundary survey of the development area. Things like lease boundaries and existing easements can derail a project if not identified early and accurately. Working with a surveyor experienced in working on renewable energy projects can go a long way in mitigating risks to the developer.

Topographic Surveying​

Manned aircraft, UAV’s, publicly available LiDAR, and conventional survey methods all have their advantages when it comes to topographic data collection for renewable energy projects. Thew Associates staff are experienced in working with developers to identify which method will achieve project objectives as well as being the most cost-efficient.

Construction Surveying​

Thew Associates staff can assist developers from early stage planning through construction. From staking structures, access roads, limits of disturbance, and other project facilities, developers can be assured that their projects are being laid out according to design.

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