St. Lawrence County Route 62 Bridge: Existing Conditions Surveying

The St. Lawrence County Department of Highways was performing engineering design for the rehabilitation of the County Route 62 bridge over an unnamed creek in Piercefield, New York. The existing bridge was a cast-in-place three-sided concrete culvert without a bottom. The concrete culvert headwall and sidewalls were deteriorating and required rehabilitation. In support of engineering design, the County required existing conditions surveying and mapping of the interior of the concrete box culvert and topographic surveying of the creek. Thew Associates utilized a Riegl VZ-400i terrestrial laser scanner to perform the existing conditions surveying of the exterior headwalls and interior of the box culvert and performed the topographic surveying of the creek utilizing conventional surveying techniques.

Location: Town of Piercefield, St. Lawrence County, New York

Year: 2021


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